The                      Team

Ed Macnab

CEO / Business Manager

Kurt Grant

General Manager

David Pocock

Materials Specialist / R&D

Gary Tarasoff

Systems & Controls

Frank Ossm

Designer / Social Media / Marketing

Why are we doing this?

Finding Inspiration in Moving Humanity Forward

Do you have parents, grandparents or friends that can no longer manage living in their current home? Do they need more care and assistance than they’re currently getting? If not, we’ve all at least heard the stories. I can't help but think about when elderly people make the tough decision to move into a care home or an independent, assisted living facility, the process can be intimidating and may cause a lot of stress. It isn't hard to realize things like backyard suites are the perfect solution offering the best mix of privacy and care; with the added benefit of keeping families together. And speaking of bringing people together...


Homelessness isn't going away either, no matter how many subsidies we throw at the problem, and it's time to stop that failed experiment. We need to be able to build housing that’s affordable without the need to subsidize, freeing up our taxes for other things. Ten years ago we had little to no other options, but all that is changing. Right now we have an emerging technology that will transform the failed idea of affordable housing to an all encompassing version we call housing affordability.

This means we do with housing and building construction what Tesla and

SpaceX has done with electric cars and rockets. That means we need to target the areas in the construction industry that unjustly add to the cost of building things. Areas where excess waste in materials, supply chain, sourcing and manpower is produced must be scrutinized and we have the
plan to address that with alternative construction and green technologies. 


And ultra desirable, highly customizable environments.


Building construction - housing in particular - isn't only poised for such changes, consumers are begging for it and it's up to us to show them what that will look like. Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk. All these men built companies off a simple but powerful idea. Make things people don't know they want yet; make it ultra desirable and hyper useful using future design with features that make your home interactive; and give it to them in a way that everyone can afford. That last one is something we plan to do better than those other guys, and we've built our corporate social responsibility framework around this very idea.

It's a longer, more difficult road, but one with much greater rewards and one that leaves 3DPHC among leaders of the industry; free to choose it's own future, and we will always choose the future that's best for humanity.

With superior customer service, the right vision and forward thinking, we'll create our own niche and 3DPHC will be synonymous with style, class, integration and fun. We're a team of experts with years of experience in the construction industry, specialists in robotics, controls and 3D printing, creative and forward thinking in design and business savvy. We’ve all put our own time and money into creating this potentially game changing company and we plan to be among the leaders in this industry.


We have all the right tools to get the job done, and the passion to see it through. 

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