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Time For A Change.

We see the major hurdle for home ownership as cash based.

As everything that goes into building homes today go up in cost, so goes the cost of the house. We have to make increasingly more money just to afford even a small bungalow for our families, forcing us to enter the rental trap.

We can make building homes cheaper by eliminating some of the things that go into building a traditional structure by automating the process and taking advantage of “fused deposition” 3D printed construction.

Costs are saved in many ways with this technology.

We plan to 3D print virtually seamless, flexible (in the construction sense of the word), yet very strong and watertight structures on-site that can be finished in a myriad of ways to suit the client and the landscape.

We can build exterior walls that do not require further finishing. No tar paper, Tyvek wrap, or siding; no interior vapor barrier or drywall, with all that entails. We save on materials, labor and completion time.

To build in Canada traditionally on average is 4-6 months for the pre-construction phase, six months to a year for the construction phase, and 1-2 weeks for the post-construction phase.

3D printed construction will still require similar groundwork, and post-construction will be handled by contractors and take about the same amount of time. Where we save time is in construction phase. It’s been proven by companies in Europe and the UK that we can print the shell for an 850 sq./ft bungalow in less than a week!

In addition, we can also print items such as patio furniture and shelves or even patios and railings – the sky is the limit and will be a great “value added” service.

During our ATB BoostR campaign I’ll be posting Vlogs where you can learn more about different ways that this technology can make home building less expensive.

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