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The Story of Canadian Housing Can Be Reprinted. In 3D.

The government’s motivation to ensure that all Canadians have access to safe housing is one we support to its fullest. We welcome federal intervention that will ensure that every Canadian can have a place to call their own.

In the recent Speech from the Throne, the government committed to focus on the elimination of chronic homelessness, investing in carbon-neutral retrofitting of homes and buildings, creating high-skilled jobs, bolstering safer communities, and building a more resilient Canada. This is good news. We advocated for a green renovation program to allow homeowners and affordable housing providers to complete green renovations to their properties, including through the creation of accessory dwelling units. Bringing hope to Canadians by supporting green, just, and inclusive programs are the strongest steps towards ending the needless struggle for all to have a safe, affordable place to call home.

This is no easy task. In order to meet this ambitious plan forward, Canada must make the best of its time.

3DPHC is here to help. Our company is built on a foundation of innovation and community investment. Green solutions that help solve the desperately unfortunate housing crisis in our country are the path to a kinder future. 3D-printed homes are not only constructed for a mere fraction of the cost of traditional homes, they are built in a fraction of the time. We don’t just build houses, faster and for less. The funds saved in construction can be invested in boosting sustainable, inclusive, and resilient communities.

We are excited to accelerate the residential construction industry’s emerging capacity to support the government’s ambitious goal of addressing the nation’s serious, growing housing crisis.

Some call us disruptors. Our true calling is to the cause. That by 2030, every Canadian has a place of refuge, health and safety they can call their own.

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