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Remembering in Gratitude

Every November 11th, we are called upon to think about the men and women who gave so much so that we could have the same. 

With great humility, we remember the courage of the men and women who stood at the front lines, who flew through dangerous skies, who braved brutal seas battered by brutal threats. They served so that we could live in peace, in prosperity, in security. Peace, prosperity and security. Those words are worth repeating. Those ideals are worth pursuing, not simply for the betterment of today’s generation, but in recognition, too, of those whose fortitude and valor made our lives possible. They are not failing hands that throw us the torch. They are hands that brought the torch to us. And we must promise to hold it high. 

So today – especially today – we remember and we thank all of those who have served in the hopes that  we would be free to pursue our own peace, prosperity and security. 

Thank you for your service, and your sacrifice.

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