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Printing a Path to Housing Affordability in Canada

3DPHC has been busy engaging our nation’s decision makers from both sides of the House of Commons. As the country transitions from emergency response to economic recovery, the federal government’s next steps will greatly depend on taking stock of all of our experiences and then bolstering Canada-made innovative solutions.

The pandemic highlighted the need to help our most vulnerable. People living in long term care homes, the homeless, those already struggling to pay the bills or rent, those with compromised immune systems, an army of house-bound workers looking to have a space to focus, and even physicians and nurses temporarily needing to self-isolate from their families.

We believe necessity is the mother of invention.

When the government called out for innovative ideas to address the overwhelming multitude of challenges, we seized the opportunity to strike, bringing forth some truly strong recommendations. Our submissions are a point of pride. We delivered briefs - or as we see them, plans - to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance and the House of Commons Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology focussed on bettering start-up investment through a socially responsible, green economic recovery. With our recommendations on the desks of the country’s decision makers, we are making great strides in harnessing that start-up energy and investing it in strengthening Canada’s housing supply.

Our submissions to both committees are presented here. We welcome the feedback from our growing network of supporters, investors and both socially-minded and business-minded friends.

Read our submission here:

3DPHC Pre-Budget Submission

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