On homelessness and affordable housing

Updated: Nov 14, 2019


Differentiating housing affordability from homelessness

Homelessness certainly can be, but need not be, related to housing affordability.

The root causes of homelessness are many and varied. They are societal, social, and economic and require broad based solutions if any significant impact is to be made.

Certainly some individuals and families will find themselves homeless due to an unexpected eviction by an unscrupulous landlord, some due to an unexpected job loss, and other unusual or uncommon circumstances, but those cases will always be in the minority.

Homelessness in Canada tends to be more a result chronic unemployment or underemployment, serious and untreated mental health issues, addiction challenges, and other systemic issues that cannot be rectified by simply building less expensive housing. Significant social services must be brought to bear on the larger scene if permanent change is to happen.

3DPHC intends to assist in this arena by providing multiple tiny-house style developments in coordination with social agencies that are already working in this space. It will be part of our social conscience program as we grow, develop, and generate the revenues necessary to assist.

When homelessness is removed from the equation that describes a “housing affordability crisis”, we are left wondering how and why homes cost so much more, relative to average income, than they did ten, twenty, or thirty years ago.

More to come, next post.

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