3DPHC is up to the challenge!

We're all very excited here at 3DPHC and for good reason!

Back in October of last year, we came across an open invitation to join an international competition to design and build innovative and cost-effective housing. As a bonus, the competition was sponsored by a Canadian company, Horizon Legacy with Agorize, and the winning designs would be constructed in Ontario.

So... We put together a small Team consisting of four 3DPHC principles, and got to work. A short time later we added Shazil Yarsien and Dylan Charles, two young engineers from Trinidad and Tobago, and Mimi Lukas, an interior designer from Strathmore, Alberta. Together, we created and presented this design for a three-unit affordable housing structure using 3D concrete printing for the vertical walls, and a concept drawing for a twelve storey affordable housing high-rise using the small building as a modular template.

There were 109 entries from all around the world and we have been selected as one of only 20 Teams to advance to STAGE 2!

Details of the challenge can be found at Marco Polo 100 Challenge.

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